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Product Materials

Optical Crystal

Optical Crystal, as clear and as flawless as used in binoculars and camera lenses, represents the ultimate expression of excellence. Optical Crystal is manufactured in large sheets up to 4" thick, and while still molten, is subjected to tremendous pressure to ensure no bubbles, flow lines or other distortions.

Optical Crystal is 100% Lead Free and extremely hard. It is the hardness that provides the basis for the brilliant cuts and bevels, as well as the ultra high polished surfaces. Each piece of Optical Crystal is hand polished and beveled.

Starfire Crystal

Starfire Crystal is lead free, and also has low iron content. The removal of this pigmentation results in a product that is equal in clarity to all but the finest optically clear crystal.

Starfire Crystal is manufactured in varying thicknesses up to ¾". Due to the extreme clarity of Starfire Crystal, the highly polished bevels and edges create a beautiful reflects, with a slight blue sparkle.

Jade Crystal

The iron ore content in the silica sand used to produce Jade Crystal results in the distinctive green tint which has become so popular in the trophy industry. Jade Crystal is very hard, facilitating steep bevels and capable of being finished to a very high polish level.

Jade Crystal is manufactured in varying thicknesses up to ¾". The thicker the piece, the more distinctive the green tint, especially when viewed from the edge. The contrast of color created by Deep Etching has made Jade Crystal a very popular choice for Award and Recognition pieces.

Lead Free Crystalline

Lead does not leach from Lead Crystal products, and has passed the stringent safety tests of the FDA. More and more manufacturers have begun substituting Zinc Oxide, and some have even managed to eliminate all metals, and still retain the brilliance in color, weight and clarity.

24% Lead Crystal

Most fine crystal contains lead oxide. Although some manufacturers claim up to 30% lead content, 24% is the optimum percentage of color, weight and hardness, while still ensuring clarity, sparkle and brilliance.

24% Lead Crystal, with its exceptionally high perceived value, has been sought after and treasured for generations, and remains a status symbol even today.


It takes millions of years for mother nature to create natural stone. There are many factors that affect the ultimate graining and coloration of natural marble, including underground springs, mineral deposits, earth shifts, temperature, natural solutions in the earth, and the pressure exerted on these elements over time. Because of the vast differences in the conditions that created the stone, every block extracted from the earth is different. The naturally occurring veining patterns add a sophisticated element to your award and since no two pieces are exactly alike, your Genuine Marble award is uniquely yours.

18/8 Stainless Steel

The most commonly used Steel in cutlery and high-end cookware and drinkware is the 300 series, also known as “18/8” for its composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This composition of Stainless Steel is most widely used in the food service and brewing industry because of its superior corrosion resistance.

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